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Start Yachting - new sailors start here!

If you are new to sailing then the Start Yachting course is for you, 2 days and 2 nights onboard the yacht learning the basics.  By the end of the course you will be a capable crewmember able to steer the yacht and helping to sail her as part of a crew.

Competent Crew - the early stages!

This is a popular way for a beginner to start.  If you have completed Start Yachting then you can go on to do a subsequent 3-day course which will bring you up to the level of Competent Crew.  The alternative way is to go straight into a Competent Crew course run over 5-days or  alternatively as 3 weekends..

Day Skipper - learning to be in charge!

Once you are confident that you understand the workings of a boat and can navigate safetly you can proceed to the Day Skipper course which runs over 5-days or alternatively as 3 weekends.

Yachtmaster Coastal and Offshore - the top of the heap!

These are the final stages of training for leisure yachtsmen and are run as 5-day courses followed by a practical sailing examination.

SOYC Training

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