MedLink Phoenix

MedLink Phoenix is the resource of first resort when you are on the ground and, if you have satcomms or HF radio, when you are airborne.  MedLink's telephone number is  +1 602 239 3627.  You can simply ask Stockholm Radio for "MedLink Phoenix".  

MedAire inc. in Phoenix, Arizona, provides the MedLink service to many airlines including BA, Virgin and several Star Alliance carriers.  The MedLink setup consists of an office within the Emergency Room (Casualty Department) of the main teaching hospital in Phoenix Arizona. 

When you call for help, your call is received by a communications specialist who works and maintains the connection which you have used.  He or she will take some details of your flight and will then connect you (usually in seconds) to a specialist Emergency Room physician.  The physician has had training in aviation medicine and is familiar with the physiological consequences of the flight environment.  The communications specialist is familiar with the airline operating environment and has access to a huge database of information on diversion airfields and associated hospitals and specialist facilities. 

So, for example, if, while you are airborne, a child becomes ill, the MedLink doctor will assess the case and determine the medical needs.  While he does so, the comms specialist will be identifying all the possible diversion airfields close to your route which have specialist paediatric services. If necessary, the comms specialist will bring a paediatrics consultant into the connection.  If an interpreter is required, MedLink will bring one into the connection virtually instantaneously.  If the MedLink doctor thinks you should PA for medically trained passengers he will ask you to do so.  He will satisfy himself that the volunteer is appropriately qualified and will supervise the volunteer's actions.