The MedLink patch checklist

Important information

When seeking help from MedLink Phoenix it will save time if you have the following basic information to hand.  A phonepatch checklist is on the aircraft and should be completed with this information. 

The patient’s age sex and any relevant medical history

The patient’s race or ethnic group

Although this may seem deliciously incorrect politically, it is, in fact, very important because some diseases which affect only certain racial groups, e.g. sickle cell anaemia, are particular significant in aviation. 

A concise description of the circumstances

The patent’s pulse rate and volume and whether it is regular or irregular

The patient’s respiratory rate

The patient’s colour and feel – is he warm and pink or blue or cold and clammy

A list of any drugs being taken

Be aware that most drugs have two names.  The “trade name” e.g. Aspro, is usually printed in very large letters.  The product will have one or more components, the “generic name(s)” for which should be listed, usually in normal sized print e.g. aspirin BP.  The generic names are more useful because they vary less from country to country.