MedLink Phoenix

In-flight medical advice

If you have satcomms or HF, you can obtain immediate medical advice from MedLink Phoenix while airborne.  The number is programmed into the satcomm directory and Stockholm Radio will connect you immediately if you ask for "MedLink Phoenix".   

Provided that you accept MedLink's advice, their insurers will cover all concerned for the outcome.  If the MedLink physician wants you to PA for a medically-trained passenger to help, he will ask you.  MedLink's insurers will cover the actions of that volunteer provided that he or she acts under the supervision of the MedLink physician. 

The MedLink physician will assess the case and may suggest that you continue to destination or that you divert.  If his advice is that the best course of action from the medical point of view is that you divert, you are authorised to accept that advice provided that you are satisfied that the diversion is safe and practicable.  The MedLink physician may suggest the best diversion option from the medical point of view but you are ultimately responsible for the choice of diversion and you must take into account all the operational factors of which MedLink will be unaware.  Their physician will expect operational issues to be taken into consideration.  In every case the safety of the aircraft is more important than the outcome for the individual passenger.  No heroics please!  

If the MedLink physician advises you to continue to destination, MedLink's insurers will accept liability for that decision. 

The MedLink physicians are specially trained in remote management of medical emergencies.  They are much less likely to suggest an unnecessary diversion than a doctor or nurse who is not similarly trained.  Please help them to produce the best outcome by NOT seeking the help of medically trained passengers unless you are asked to do so by the MedLink physician.  Please, ALWAYS call MedLink first.